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SAMADOYO is one of Asia's leading manufacturers of quality glassware. Preserving traditional Chinese craftsmanship while combining it with Western design, the company hopes to appeal to tea and coffee enthusiasts with products that ignore the unnecessary.

First and foremost, SAMADOYO is a Chinese brand born in Guangdong, China. With its 350 employees and its premises of more than 40,000 square meters, the company has been able to bring together Chinese, Japanese, but also Danish designers to conceive original concepts, which only experienced glassblowers can conceive.

All glass produced by the brand is borosilicate-based, which has several advantages over traditional glass. Initially used in the chemical and nuclear industries, this glass has won over households thanks to its various properties. In addition to being able to withstand most chemicals used in the laboratory, borosilicate glass can easily withstand high temperatures and thermal shocks.

SAMADOYO's products can therefore all be cleaned in the dishwasher and stored in the refrigerator without long-term damage to the glass. Finally, these glasses are neutral and therefore have a high hydrolytic resistance, which means that they do not release sodium over time.


A research and development centre for patented products

All kitchen utensils and coffee and tea items are designed by SAMADOYO's R&D centre. From the blower to the packaging, the whole process is centralised in the same premises, allowing us to check each step of production and to design some patented products, such as the bottles.

In conclusion, thanks to its conscientious centralisation, SAMADOYO can design quality products, avoid industrial espionage and offer their experience to others who wish to design their concepts.


What about Teaspoon SàRL, distributor of SAMADOYO?

In recent years, tea and coffee have followed an independent but similar path. Where tea is the undisputed master of the living room table, coffee is slowly making its way into lunch breaks or as a new life-giving drink. As for tea, knowledge of its virtues continues to emerge throughout Europe, alienating industrial bagged tea for quality, organic tea.

We therefore decided to open a company with the name "Teaspoon" and support this desire to consume better, while allowing to discover the richness of tea leaves and the depth of taste of coffee beans. SAMADOYO fits perfectly in our selection criteria, whether it is by their high quality products or their team. With our exclusive distribution contract, we hope to convince current or future tea and coffee enthusiasts to discover the whole range that the Chinese company offers, while not forgetting their accessories and various glassware for water and your various refreshing drinks.

Whether you are passionate about tea, coffee or simply simple and pure products, a manager of a shop or a tea room, we will be listening to you and hope to satisfy your wishes, through the SAMADOYO brand, or others that we will have the chance to unveil to you. To find out more about our team, please visit our blog.

"As tea enthusiasts, we were looking for a product that would be simple to use, easy to clean and durable. Through a small independent Chinese shop, my friend Mike discovered by chance one of SAMADOYO's flagship products. Two years later, SAMADOYO decided to trust Teaspoon to bring all of its products to people throughout Switzerland and France.
Andrei, Founder of Teaspoon SàRL
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