Say you like it with tea

Say you like it with tea

Valentine's Day is approaching and many of us are surely wondering how to surprise our other half this year. 

Although there are many ideas, sometimes a little touch of simplicity is all that is needed to top off a celebration. 

Indeed, when it comes to tea, whose varieties are constantly growing, we can easily find many flavors and colors depending on the occasion and to convey certain emotions. 

For the celebration of love, the Lovers' Tea, whose name comes in different forms, is a perfect compromise. This scented black tea contains romantic notes that will make all lovebirds dream. The flavors include rose, red fruit (such as raspberry) and additional tasty ingredients like coconut and vanilla.

To get into the theme and make the experience unique, I recommend brewing this sumptuous blend in a transparent container such as a glass teapot. Through it, you will be able to admire the brewing process and see the reddish colors develop as you go along. These colors will perfectly match the bouquet of flowers that has just been placed in the vase or the atmosphere that has been created especially for the evening.

Alternatively, you can brew rosebuds as well!


With these sweet words, I wish you much happiness and love.


Happy Valentine's Day,