The "Gongfucha" ritual or the Art of "tea time

The "Gongfucha" ritual or the Art of "tea time

"Toapply oneself to making tea, to take time for tea" is literally what the word Gongfucha, an ancient ritual that originated in southern China and encompasses the art of preparing tea with care and technique. This practice has been perpetuated and continues to flourish in tea houses, gardens and stores, between enthusiasts and customers.

While it's likely you've seen or heard the word before, let's take a closer look at this well-known but sometimes unknown practice. 

The Gongfu method is based on the following points:

    1. Very short but concentrated infusions
    2. Small teapots that require very little brewed water.
    3. A large quantity of tea 
    4. A more fragrant and concentrated tea
    5. A few tens of seconds of infusion
    6. A dense liqueur with intense aromas 


The Gongfucha exercise is based on the following accessories:

  1. A bamboo tray
  2. A small teapot with filter
  3. A spare pot
  4. Mugs 
  5. A spatula
  6. A towel


All these utensils are placed on a bamboo tray with a tank that collects waste water.


Here are the brief steps to follow to begin the ceremony:

  1. Scald the small cups, the reserve pot and the small teapot
  2. Place the tea leaves in the teapot
  3. Pour hot water for infusion in less than a minute and serve the tea in the cups
  4. Sip your tea
  5. Repeat the ceremony, as many times as desired. The leaves are used to prepare up to five successive infusions (or even more if the tea is of good quality). 

Do not hesitate to immerse yourself in this unusual ritual. You will undoubtedly be seduced by the sublimation of the liquors, the marked aromas coming from a more perfumed and concentrated tea.